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Do you feel like you are ready for a change? A change in scenery, a change in lifestyle? Then a Yoga Teacher Training Course (YTTC), in Goa is exactly what you need. As a global meeting spot, people from around the world visit Goa. The beauty of Goa’s lush green jungles, clean beaches and welcoming locals will capture your heart. Escape the cold of Winter. Warm, Sunny Goa is waiting for you.

Our 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training in Goa is the perfect opportunity to experience the authenticity of Yoga in the land where it all began. The aroma of the flowers, the sounds of the ocean and the birds, all bring us into union with the present moment. That is Yoga — Union with Bhu Devi, one another and all creation.

Make Friendships that Last a Lifetime

Share the joy of yoga with others. Meet like-minded people from around the world. Friendships forged during YTTC’s are very special ones. You will learn a lot from each other’s experiences and stories, which will enrich your YTTC journey. The fellow yogis you meet in the training will forever hold a special place in your heart. Share fantastic meals of local Goan cuisine, drink tea in the many wonderful cafes, make lifelong memories.

Asana Experience

The beautiful clean beaches of Goa are the perfect place to grow and nurture your asana practice. Enjoy learning from yoga experts. The attention to detail, the various class sessions, the awareness of alignment will take your practice to a new and exciting level. You learn how to make adjustments and modifications to make yoga accessible to all, while being in your own body and accepting it with grace and love.

Discover Your Strength

Our yoga teacher training will help you discover strength you never knew you had in a supportive environment. Take your power off the mat and enjoy the many water sports Goa has to offer. Parasailing, water skiing, jet skiing, wind surfing, banana boat rides, scuba diving, dolphin spotting, snorkeling, choose your adventure and go for it. Not exactly a fan of the ocean, it’s ok there’s lots to do. If you like biking or cycling, then hire one from the many rent shops you will find across Goa. Enjoy cruising along the narrow streets in remote areas of Goa and stop to drink fresh coconut water. If you like your feet firmly on the ground, head out for a trekking experience you’ll never forget. Discover a new sense of how much you can do, how far you can go, and how amazing you are-right here in this moment.

Deepen Your Spiritual Practices

You will participate in chanting, and meditation practices that will help you to transform your spiritual life. The breath is the bridge between your mind and body. Learning proper Pranayama makes a huge difference in your physical, emotional and mental health. No matter what your current spiritual practices are, these sacred tools can be used to help you connect to yourself in a deeper way. These practices teach you to love yourself. By loving yourself, you will automatically start loving others around you. Sharing these experiences with others in the eco-friendly surroundings of Goa is a life changing experience.

Understanding the Body

In a YTTC, you will do more than just practice yoga. You’ll also learn about the alignment of the poses and yoga anatomy. Sound knowledge of alignment and anatomy will not only guarantee a safe personal practice, but also safety amongst students in your class.

Develop Awareness

You will start to notice more of your thought patterns while you are practicing asana, in meditation and during discussions. You will gain a clearer understanding of how your mind currently works. You will be able to catch negative thoughts before they grab hold of you, and make positive changes to your state of awareness. The act of becoming aware is the most powerful tool for personal transformation. Give yourself the gift of retuning your mind in the exotic, peaceful landscape that is Goa.

Connect with Your True Self

A YTTC in Goa offers the opportunity to take time off to better yourself and grow as an individual. Through experiencing how your unique body works, how your unique mind works, and through your deepened spiritual practices, you will walk away with a deeper sense of your true nature. This will bolster your confidence and help you sit easier in your own skin.

Everyone’s time in Goa is unique. Some of you will fall in love with the beach; others may find solace in the jungles, at the Temples, riding a bike or enjoying many therapeutic massages that we offer. but it will undoubtedly change your life. It is a journey that will change your life and an experience that you won’t regret!

live the life with Yoga in Goa

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Mantra- The combination of selected sanskrit letters — become a most powerful spiritual words of sound. Yoga — Unity of Body -Breath and Mind. Meditation-Dhyan

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Mantra Yoga & Meditation School India

Mantra Yoga & Meditation School India

Mantra- The combination of selected sanskrit letters — become a most powerful spiritual words of sound. Yoga — Unity of Body -Breath and Mind. Meditation-Dhyan

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